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The PRI Team

Michael White - Team Leader


Michael's interest in the paranormal began at age seven with his first paranormal encounter where he was thrown across a room by an unseen entity. His paranormal interests include research into hauntings, ESP, PK, OBE experiences, UFO’s, and cryptozoology. Having served in the military for 21 years, Michael utilizes his experience with surveillance and data collection in the pursuit of researching the unknown.

PRI Extended Research Team

William Becker


A lifelong (seeing his first full bodied apparition at age 8) paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history (bachelors degree in history) and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal beings with his haunted hotspots classes, guided ghost tours, and paranormal investigation classes.  The emphasis of all of his work is respectful communication and understanding of the beings and worlds around us.

As a psychic medium, William helps others integrate spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes, past and between life readings, and psychic life coaching. The more we know of the beings and worlds around us, the better we know how to more fully experience and live life.  He also works with clients reading their haunted locations, both in person and remotely, with clients all over the U.S. and in the U.K..

He writes a blog, has his own monthly magazine column, and has hosted or been a guest on several web radio programs. His focus is to respect, understand, and communicate with paranormal entities. 

You can read his monthly column, “Inside the Psychic Mind” in the Paranormal Underground Magazine.  This column explores a variety of his thoughts, understandings and insights developed through his research and direct experience. 

His blog covers a range of ideas that relate to the paranormal community and cover topics such as ethics, to current activity and the nature of paranormal entities. You can link to his blog on the home page of his web site or through the link below.

 Visit his website:  www.paranormalinsights.net.

Ben Robison


Born in the Pacific Northwest during the late 70's, Ben Robison grew up exposed to ghosts, UFO's and Bigfoot. Whether it was the home he lived in that was haunted, the many shared stories of aliens that his father spoke of, or seeing first hand what he believes was a Sasquatch up in the Olympic Peninsula, it would seem that Ben had anything but a regular upbringing. As a result of this, the things that aren't so regular are what intrigue Ben. Like so many other people out there, Ben experienced something so profound and unimaginable that he was left with only one option...look at it closer. That is why he founded the Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic & Paranormal. Being a tech-head by trade, he coupled this with his practical / sensible way of thinking, which in turn gave Ben a logical method towards investigating paranormal events. We all have questions, and Ben's aim is to try to offer some answers by taking a scientific approach with a healthy dose of skepticism with regards to his research of the paranormal and enigmatic.

Visit his website:  www.a-sep.org

Nicole Robison

Experiment Director

Nicole was born and raised in California, but moved to Washington in 2007 and now proudly calls the Pacific Northwest her home. She spends her time raising her two children, and in her free time she loves to bake, cook, paint, teach, draw, dance, read, learn new crafts, and spend time with her family and friends. While her interest in the paranormal has increased in the past year, she had several experiences with the paranormal throughout her life, her first paranormal memory being of a full-bodied apparition when she was 6 or 7 years old. She was raised being told that these "things" were solely in her mind and did not exist, so she believed that and put the paranormal out of her mind. Although she was still intrigued, she allowed fear to reign and didn't pursue her interest in the paranormal. With the aid of her fiancé, Ben Robison, she recently decided to not let her fear deter her any longer, and she's delved into the world of paranormal research. She continues to broaden her horizons in the paranormal through investigations, research, and reading.

Nicole is also a member of Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic & Paranormal and co-hosts ASEP Radio.

Pete Orbea


Pete works in the historic town of Port Gamble, Washington and leads the popular Ghost Walks, Special Investigations, and coordinates the Port Gamble Ghost Conference. He became interested in the paranormal and spirits at age seven after witnessing two Native American warriors appear and vanish while on a road trip with his grandparents in northern Arizona. The intrigue into the paranormal was again piqued during his college years while working at the historic Egyptian Theater in Boise, Idaho, a known hot spot for paranormal activity.

After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society in 2013, Pete started to realize that he was capable of speaking with spirits. He attended the 2014 Oregon Ghost Conference in Oregon City, Oregon and had some amazing experiences with the paranormal including his first psychic reading ever by Seth Michael of Whitelight Paranormal Insight. That reading changed his life! With the support and counsel of his friend and fellow PRI member, William Becker of Paranormal Insights, he has honed his ability to stay focused, understanding what he is experiencing when communicating with unseen entities. Since then, he has been helping people through psychic readings in Kitsap County, Washington.

Visit his website: Readings by Pete.

Jay Verburg


Jay Verburg began his unexpected paranormal journey as one of the two Greenhorn miners on SyFy's Ghost Mine. With a passion for the Old West, he has been casually exploring ghost towns and abandoned locations, striving to discover historically relevant areas for the past 15 years. His fascination with history and the gold that still runs through the mountains of Eastern Oregon unexpectedly led him to the small town of Sumpter. It was there, just few years later, he would find himself not only working as a hard rock miner, but witnessing events that have led him to an entirely new journey — paranormal research.

Casey Goodwin


As a SoCal native, I got my start in the early '90s chasing haunts and local legends in my hometown of Whittier, California. Spending many nights staked out at abandoned homes with sordid pasts, I eventually made my way to other notorious locations in and around the city of angels. In 1994 I relocated to Clackamas, Oregon where I continued to study paranormal phenomena, but in the form of books by such notables as William Roll, Loyd Auerbach, Hanz Holzer and Barry Taff.

In January of 2009 I co-founded Oregon Paranormal with my good friend Scott Riedel. Our purpose was not only to help move the field forward by testing theories and developing new investigative techniques. It was also about helping families and individuals who had been dealt a sometimes terrifying hand. Since forming Oregon Paranormal I've conducted a number of investigations between residential, commercial, and historical sites, including joint investigations with others teams and independent researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Visit his website: www.oregonparanormal.com

Sharon Lewis "AurorA"


Sharon's earliest recollection of spirits was as a very young child, feeling presences in her room at night. In the darkness, she saw faces coming at her from all directions and hands reaching to touch her. So, like most kids, she hid beneath her covers.

At about 11 years old, she realized she was doing something of which she didn't know the name. After school, before entering the house, she would mentally go inside  to feel or see if anyone was in the house. When going to friends houses, she would also do this.  She noticed that she was pretty accurate. Only until she was an adult did she realize this was a form of remote viewing.

As a teen, Sharon participated in various religious institutions and discovered that she had what was known as discernment. She just knew things. Being psychic or seeing spirits was considered evil so she left it at discernment. Sharon participated in exorcisms, and began to channel positive messages.

When Sharon became an adult, she embraced her abilities and left behind any limitations. She studied Reiki and Theta Healing and developed her own healing practice that she calls Transcendental Transformation. In 2011, she became the host of, and still read for, an ongoing metaphysical fair held monthly at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, Oregon.  She's also a reader/healer at a monthly fair in Sandy, Oregon. Sharon is a medium on Seth Michael McKay and Jyl Straub's paranormal team called, "White Light Paranormal Insight." With Seth Michael, they have developed classes for psychic and mediumship development and have done gallery readings together.

Presently, she work full-time at a local hospital as a Surgical Technician in surgery. Sharon also has her own private practice as a reader/healer, along with reading at several different fairs. Throughout the year, she has a group get together where they practice meditative journeys together for insight, and information."

Visit her websites:



Neil McNeill


Neil has worked in the field of parapsychology and paranormal education since 1993. He has served as a consultant for television, film, and print media, and is regularly asked to speak at ghost conferences, paranormal events, and for professional organizations. Neil is a member of the Parapsychological Association, the Rhine Research Center, and the Seattle Consciousness Research & Education Society. He recently co-chaired a panel on education and parapsychology with Loyd Auerbach at the international conference of the Parapsychological Association.

In 2012, Neil produced "Dark & Stormy Nights: Parapsychology for Ghost Hunters", an educational DVD based on his popular and long-running college level course about parapsychology, paranormal field investigation, and the science of psychic phenomena.

Neil is director of the Paranormal Studies Institute, which offers local and online learning resources to the public. He is also co-creator and program coordinator of The ParaPsi College education symposium.


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