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The following investigative forms may be tailored to your team's needs and are distributed freely.

All forms are in MS Word format unless otherwise noted.

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Generic Experiment Outline

A generic template to develop paranormal experiment plans.

Base Log

A form for your base station operator to chronologically maintain a record of all investigative events.

Client Questionnaire

This all-encompassing form covers your initial meeting with the client, identifies the type of activity going on, who and what resides at the location, and guides you to prepare your investigation plan.

Data Review Sheet

This simple-to-use form allows you to annotate significant events as you review audio and video data.

Investigation Permission

This form gives you permission to enter a residence, business, or property for the primary purpose of conducting a paranormal investigation.

Public Release of Information

This form once signed by the owner, or duly authorized representative of the owner, authorizes you to publicly display the evidence that you have received during an investigation. This form is normally signed after a reveal has been conducted with the owner, and empowers the property owner with options for release of your evidence.

Safety Pamphlet

(PDF file) This very informative brochure was created by Elaine Davison of Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators (W.O.O.P.I.). It is a MUST read for paranormal investigators!

More information and an interactive forum can be found at: http://www.paranormalsafety.com

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