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Saturday, March 21st through 31st, 2015 - Turkey: A haunted history. Join psychic medium William Becker. William will work with you in group settings in locations around Anatolia and Western Turkey. He will guide you in allowing your psychic skills to unfold and bloom. Each person has their own abilities that may be unique to them. William will assist you in developing your unique skills in some of the most historic and beautiful settings in the world!. For more information

Portland, Oregon

Saturday, March 14th - Rob St. Helen Fundraiser. William Becker of Paranormal Insights and Rimsky-Korsakoffee House present a gallery reading fundraiser for our Paranormal Brother Rob St. Helen! Last Spring Rob was visiting the Coast and had a major health event. He lost 75% of his blood and was taken via life-flight to Portland hospitals. This was a true near death experience.Rob has always been a kind and generous person and participant in the paranormal community. He has always been there to help others. Now is our opportunity to say thank you. Even with health insurance, Rob was left with tens of thousands in medical bills. Much of these from the life-flight itself, which his insurance didn’t cover. Join me for a gallery reading* on Saturday, March 14th, from 3:00-4:00PM at Portland’s famous Rimsky-Korsakoffee House, 707 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR. A suggested donation of $10 per person is requested, but donate what you can – be it more or less. All donations will go to Rob’s medical expenses. And please, Rimsky’s is donating the space and the staff is donating it’s time. Please patronize the business and don’t forget to tip the server. For more information: Facebook Link



SPOOKED IN SEATTLE - Each tour explores the past of some of the oldest buildings in Seattle and will, perhaps, give you the opportunity to encounter some residents whose earthly forms may have departed, but of course, never left. http://spookedinseattle.com/

Oregon City, Oregon  

NORTHWEST GHOST TOURS - Walk with the Spirits into Oregon’s haunted history. Guests on tours will pass by some of Oregon City's most spirited places, hearing real ghost stories based on documented research. Listen to stories about Oregon's first incorporated city and hear some of the city's amazing legends and folklore.  You may even have your own paranormal experience along the way!  http://www.nwghosttours.com/



A.S.E.P. Radio

A.S.E.P. Radio is hosted by ASEP’s very own, Ben Robison. This is not your typical podcast covering the world of the paranormal. There will be no filter. It will be unorthodox. WARNING: Contains adult content & language. Listener discretion is advised. Listen and download previous programs here: http://aseporg.wordpress.com/a-s-e-p-radio/

Oregon Paranormal Radio

Oregon Paranormal Radio is hosted By Casey Goodwin & Scott Riedel is your one stop haunt for all things that go bump in the night. Listen and download previous programs here: http://www.oregonparanormal.com/

Another place




North Seattle Community  College

PSI 102: Paranormal Studies II - Continue your training in paranormal investigation! In this thought-provoking class you will learn to use advanced investigation equipment and protocols, understand how psychics gather real data, evaluate audio-visual evidence from actual investigations, and take part in group psi experiments. (Prerequisite: PSI 101 Paranormal Studies I; students must be 18 or older). For more information and to register, visit: North Seattle Community College Link

Oregon City, Oregon     

FINDING YOUR PSYCHIC VOICE - We will explore the process of how to find and develop your psychic intuition. I will guide you through a process to allow your own psychic abilities to unfold from within. http://www.paranormalinsights.net/Workshops_and_Lectures.html


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